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Increasing Physical Activity and Sport for Ontario Women 55-70+
Funded Pilot Projects

Healthy Communities Fund - Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion and Sport: June 2011 to March 2012 projects

The following projects are focused on empowering women 55-70+ to create and lead sport and physical activity programs for themselves and their peers. These projects are taking place between June 2011 and March 2012 and were made possible through a grant from the Healthy Communities Fund of the Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion and Sport.

Rusty Chicks on the Move, Sioux Narrows
This project focuses on enhancing already existing activities with a focus on getting women 55-70+ active in the winter- snowshoeing and learning how to use gym equipment. Additionally an introduction to bowling has been planned.

Contact Person: Marg Beacham
Email: Brian.beacham@sympatico.ca

Eager B's (Energetic Adults Getting Exercise Regulaly: Beginning of a Wave of Busy Baby Boomers), Fort Frances
The focus of the Eager B’s will be to organize weekly gatherings for women 55-70+ to try different physical activities including: walking indoor and outdoor, bocce ball, carpet bowling, golf, zumba, bootcamp fitness, tai chi and Wii games. Participants will be able to sign-up for these activities on a regular basis if interested.

Contact People Gloria Bergner, Sue Drew, Vivian Callaghan
Email:s gjbergner@shaw.ca| drewst@nwonet.net| vecc@live.ca

Fun Active Babes (FABs), Thunder Bay
This project by the FABs is focused on providing a recreation sampler program for women 55-70+ to try a variety of activities. Nine activities have been planned including: frisbee golf, hiking, kettle bells, NIA (dance yoga), pilates, self defense, tai chi, yoga, zumba. Participants will be able to sign-up for these activities on a regular basis if interested.

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Contact Person: Janeen Mann/Nancy Angus
Email: befabulous55@yahoo.ca| jojama@rocketmail.com| nangus@thunderbay.ca

An Introduction to Summer Sports, Sudbury
This project is focused on providing women 55-70+ with an introduction to a variety of summer sports including- tennis, rowing and canoeing. This group will work with local groups to provide the instruction and interested women will be provided with the opportunity to participate on a regular basis.

Contact Person: Janet Curry/ Margaret Dahm
Email: pegianne@hotmail.com| janetcurry@hotmail.com

Femmes active 55+, Sudbury
This project focused on Francophone women 55-70+ will offer 10 x 3 hour sessions over the fall and winter involving 30 minutes of aerobic activity, 30 minutes of stretching and strengthening and the remainder of the time spent on the sport of choice- ideas include: tai chi, guided walks, hula hoop, disc golf, introduction to gym equipment, cycling, Zumba, trampoline, badminton, Kayak and volleyball. They are planning to end the 10 sessions with a repel down a local cliff, hopefully with the Mayor. The other unique thing about this program is that they have partnered with the Alzheimers Society so that caregivers can be supported to participate by using the day program for no cost. This gives them the chance to get some exercise, do their shopping, etc. knowing that the person they care for is safe.

Contact Person: Diane Charrette
Email: diane_charette@hotmail.com

Voyageaurs 4 Season Trail, Dokis First Nation
This program will incorporate pole walking into their on-going trail walking activities and grow the existing group of participants to engage women from Dokis as well as neighboring First Nations communities. In addition to learning about the flora there will be a focus on bird watching with an ornithologist leading several walks for the women.

Contact Person: Bernadette Restoule
Email: Bernadetterestoule57@hotmail.com

T-WOW (Take the Work Out of Workouts), Innisfil
This fitness program will focus on training the women to do a core routine of aerobics, stretching and strengthening while incorporating a dance fitness program using X-Box Kinetics games. Some individuals will use the game while the others will be following.

Contact Person: Nancy Cook
Email: nancy@gofigurefitness.ca

Acting Our Age, Saugeen First Nation
The project will be led by a group of women already active focused on encouraging other women 55-70+ to participate in aquafit, gym activities, etc. by providing punch cards and additional instruction so everyone feels comfortable.

Contact Person: Lovenia Thorpe
Email: lthorpe@xplornet.com | lthorpe@saugeenfirstnation.ca

Activate Chicks with Sticks, Woodstock
This project will focus on engaging women 55-70+ in the use of activator poles. These poles are specifically designed to be used by people with stability and mobility problems. This project builds on the previously funded Chicks with Sticks program.

Contact Person: Pam Genge
Email: bgenge@rogers.com

Rockin' Women 55+, Sarnia
With so many activities already happening in Sarnia this group of women 55-70+ decided to focus on the development of a website and marketing campaign to increase participation by women 55-70+ in programs. In addition they are planning to train more women 55-70+ to be instructors to handle the increased demand.
Contact Person: Miriam Carmody
Email: miriam.carmody@sarnia.ca

Mississauga Advisory Committee on Marketing (MACOM), Mississauga
This project will focus on a number of activities including the compilation of a booklet containing accessible, affordable physical activities in the area as well as the organization of two healthy living days- one focused on the benefits of sports and another focused on increasing participation in pickle ball and nordic pole walking.

Contact Person: Phyllis Ascah
Email: pascah@rogers.com

Lets Keep Moving, Ottawa
The two main activities this project will be focused on are line dancing and Nordic pole walking. As part of the project women 55-70+ will be trained to lead weekly walks and line dancing sessions with 2 x 10 week sessions planned for the fall and winter.

Contact Person: Bev Sokolich
Email: sokilib@primus.ca

Work-It-Circuit Exercise Class for Women Only, Oshawa
This project will focus on the creation of a beginner circuit class for women who do not usually exercise with demos and sports they can try. The plan is to have 1/2 hour of circuit training followed by a 1/2 hour of varied weekly sports/fitness programs such as tai chi, drumming, pole walking, etc.

Contact Person: Susan Gumbley
Email: susan.gumbley@sympatico.ca

Rock and Walk, Toronto
This project is focused on encouraging isolated, vulnerable ethno-specific women to participate in a dancersize and walking program. Most of the programming has been during the day so with this program they will offer evening as well as day-time programming to engage those that are working.

Contact Person: Adua Trevisan/Lisa Tobio
Email: yorkfairbank@on.aibn.com

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